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2010-08-09 16:37:08 by TheAutocrat

I lost it. I completely forgot about animating anything because I lost motivation. And now, I'm even writing this to myself.

I'm sorry...


Humane Society

2010-05-07 23:50:22 by TheAutocrat

So... what's with so many Newgrounds users being attracted to "sexy" alligators and sexually posed foxes who look similar to humans?

It's kinda creepy. I mean, if a girl had furry tits, I'd think twice about the sex appeal in that.

Plus the tail would get in the way.

I mean, c'mon people. What the fuck is in your head?

Must be something in the water.


2010-04-02 13:40:40 by TheAutocrat

So i logged in today, saw I had an inbox message and was psyched to see what it was.


I waz browsin over the site, & i stumbled upon your profile. You give me the impression that you're a pretty remarkable hombre, but im rather new here, & don't know where to go on this site. Can't they have a chat thing here?? i hate writing to people, and potentially not getting an answer! Well, if you want to talkin' with me, you can find me over at eahorse , my name there is sugarseahorse.

So, ya, hope to meet up with you there. always lookin' to meet more ppl.
Janice Edwards"

That was the shit I got from some "user" named angela66gv.

Why? This isn't myspace.

Just in case the guys over the NDC didnt get my info from my post, I'll post it here. They wont have to go through the pages of the thread.

1. South Carolina (blegh, but Blackbeard the Pirate hung out here.)
2. 21
3. I'm a huge tom Waits fan. That counts?

Yay new Forums

2010-02-04 04:54:26 by TheAutocrat

Now another place exists where I can dump my writing and let other people dump on it with their opinions!

Yay new Forums


2009-12-07 13:50:58 by TheAutocrat

Oh that's just Super Duper.
Been pulled over by a Virginia State Trooper.
said, "TRadar detectors are illegal in the commonwealth of Virginia."
I said "Well I betcha cloaking devices are illegal too. Good Bye!"


2009-11-20 17:27:32 by TheAutocrat

Anyone want a dog?


2009-11-09 19:00:51 by TheAutocrat

Anyone have a cigar?

I need some wine too.

Play me some Tom Waits...

LIsten! Imortant! Super!

2009-10-05 15:29:57 by TheAutocrat

Something stupid is in the making.
Something stupid...stupid.


2009-09-27 17:32:31 by TheAutocrat

Can't wait to see the movie...

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